Syracuse University Vending Services operates more than 280 beverage, snack and service machines that accept cash, credit, mobile pay, or ‘CUSE Cash. Machines are located in all residence halls, most academic buildings, and throughout the Syracuse University and ESF campuses. Services are available 24 hours a day in residence halls and during regular business hours in all other buildings. Syracuse University Vending is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and products.

Note: Due to a recent change in our credit card gateway, vending machines may not be able to accept your credit card, specifically Visa cards. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.

Where can I get a refund?

We are proud of the service we provide to the University community and we are always happy to hear from our customers. We ask that our customers contact us when they encounter a problem with the vending machines. Look for the sign on the vending machine that says “We Guarantee!” If you’re not satisfied with your vending experience, please call: 315.443.2646.

Contact Us

For more information about vending machines and debit cards, call the vending office at: 315.443.2646 or send an email to