Catering Services Policies

Syracuse University Catering Services has developed the following policies to help ensure your event is successful and memorable.

Planning Your Event: Booking, Contract, and Guarantee

Before you begin planning, review Syracuse University policies related to catering:

To accurately prepare for your event, please book your event at least 12 business days in advance, including your menu selections and the number of expected guests. A contract will be generated and will serve as confirmation of the event. A final guarantee must be given six business days before the event. You will be billed for the final guarantee or actual number of guests, whichever is greater. If Catering Services does not receive a guarantee by the deadline, the most current count will become the guarantee. The guarantee may not be decreased on the day of the event.

Contact Information:

Make your arrangements through one of the following catering venues:

  • Catering office: 315.443.3605
  • JMA Dome catering: 315.443.4244

Alcohol Policy

Please review Syracuse University’s policy on alcohol. Thirty business days’ notice is required for all events at which alcohol will be served.

Syracuse University Catering Services has primary responsibility for selling and serving alcohol at events. The New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) requires a caterer’s (temporary alcohol) permit for all non-licensed facilities for every event on campus where alcohol is being served. Without this permit, alcohol cannot be served. The licensed facilities on campus are the Schine Student Center, the Inn Complete, and the JMA Dome.

A bar service fee is assessed to cover the cost of the NYSLA caterer’s permit, bartender, and setup.

  • Full Bar – $115.00
  • Beer and Wine – $95.00

Alcohol may be served for no more than four hours per event.  Service must be discontinued one hour prior to the end of the event.

Student organizations requesting that alcohol be served at their event must provide a letter from the organization’s advisor confirming that seventy-five percent or more of the attendees are twenty-one years of age or older. Catering Services requires proof of age from any persons appearing under the age of thirty-five.

Donated beer or wine is permitted with the approval of the Associate Director of Catering. A receipt from the vineyard or wholesaler verifying the donation must be provided. A corkage fee of $3.50 per bottle of wine and $8.50 per case of beer applies. An NYSLA caterer’s permit is also required for the service of donated product.


A chart string or Interdepartmental Order (I.D.) is required in advance of your event. Credit cards are not accepted.


An event may be canceled with no charge up to three business days prior to the event. Cancellations made with less than three business days’ notice may be subject to charges based on costs incurred. An event canceled due to “unforeseeable circumstances” (weather, pandemic, protesting, security issues, etc.) will be considered force majeure and will be allowed to rebook at a later date.

Catering Exceptions/Use of Off-Campus Caterers

All food and beverage service on campus must be provided by Syracuse University Catering Services in compliance with Syracuse University policy.

 Additional costs will be incurred for the rental of hot boxes, chafers, and serviceware.

Composting and Sustainability

Catering Services makes every effort to use sustainable practices whenever possible. When in season, locally-grown fruits and vegetables are used in food preparation. Local bakeries provide a variety of sweets and breads. Compostable or recyclable paper products are used for deliveries. Food scraps are composted both pre- and post-consumer, and leftover foods that meet the Onondaga County Health Department criteria are donated to local food banks.


Catering Services will assess a $25.00 delivery fee for deliveries occurring between 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A delivery fee of $42.00 will be assessed for deliveries after hours and on weekends. Additional delivery fees may be incurred for off-campus events requiring extended travel.

Please allow for a 30-minute delivery window during rush hours and campus-wide events

Event Space Access and Arrangements

Please review Syracuse University’s policy for events on University property.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the main doors and loading dock are unlocked to allow timely access to the event space. Please ensure that building and room access is granted 30 minutes prior to delivery, and two hours prior for staffed events and setups. For any deliveries to outdoor or public areas, please ensure that the client or a department representative be present to receive the delivery and provide supervision prior to and during the event.

The removal or arrangement of furniture in an event space should be coordinated by the customer with Facilities Services or Materials Distribution. Custodial arrangements should also be coordinated by the customer with Facilities Services. If your event is a driver set-up or a delivery event, Campus Catering will not be back to clean-up. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all trash and disposable serviceware are removed from the event space.

Campus Catering is only responsible for clean-up for staffed events.

Event Staffing

Service staff needs for your event will be determined by Catering Services based on the menu, service style, group size, and venue. The service staff rate is $30.00 per hour for a minimum of four hours.

 Liability and Safety

In accordance with New York State and Onondaga County Health Departments, all leftover food remains property of Syracuse University Food Services and may not be removed from an event. Food in disposable containers must be discarded at the time stated on the catering box.


Catering Services offers three types of serviceware:

  • China: White china, silverware, staff required – $7.00 per person
  • Table linens: Draped table – $11.75 per table/tablecloth $2.95
  • 120” round or 132” round includes 85″ overlay – $12.00 each

Specialty linen and china are available for an additional charge upon request.

Table, Chair, and Tent Rental

Catering Services does not provide table, chair, or tent rentals for events. If you need these items, contact Century Decorations at 315.452.1240.

Information Needed for Ordering

  • Contact person and phone number
  • Event time and set-up time
  • Pick up time
  • Event location
  • Number of tables, chairs, tent, pipe, drape, or other needed
  • Diagram of space and set-up
  • Email or fax confirmation
  • Payment information

Important Delivery Information

  • Coordinate with Campus Catering for delivery time and date.
  • When scheduling a delivery, confirm the event location for set up as far in advance as possible, at least the day before is preferred.
  • Persons booking the order are responsible to confirm the table, chairs, and tent setup is done correctly and according to the diagram.