Warehouse Cafe Meal Plan

Welcome to the Warehouse Café!

If your classes necessitate you spending a large amount of your time in the Warehouse, we have made meal plan accommodations for you. This brochure explains those accommodations. We are happy to serve you and want to make your meals at the Warehouse a good experience. If you have any questions about your meal plan, contact us at one of the phone numbers listed on this flyer.

May I use my meal plan at the Warehouse Café?

You may use your meal plan during the residential dining center hours noted below. SUpercard FOOD may be used anytime the café is open. When you give the cashier at the Warehouse Café your ID card, let them know that you will be using the dining center meal plan to pay for your food. You will receive the equivalent of $10.05 towards breakfast,
$14.70 towards lunch and $20.15 towards dinner. Any amount spent over those totals during the specified meal period can be paid with your SUpercard FOOD account or with cash.

What are the hours associated for the meal period equivalency in the warehouse café?

Monday – Thursday
Breakfast: 8am – 10:45am
Lunch: 10:46am – 4pm
Dinner: 4:01pm – 5:30pm

Breakfast: 8am – 10:45 am
Lunch: 10:46 am – 1:30 pm

How many times can I use my dining center meal plan in one meal period?

You may use your dining center meal plan twice per meal period.
However, keep in mind that each time you use your dining center meal plan it subtracts from your overall total dining center meals per week.

When does the dining center meal plan week start and end?

The meal plan week begins each Thursday morning and ends Wednesday night. During that period of time, you are able to eat the number of meals you have on your meal plan per week. You may have a dining center meal in any dining center or the Warehouse Café.

How long does the dining center meal plan run at the Warehouse Café?

The dining center meal plan is in effect during the same period of time that the dining centers are open. For the spring 2020 semester dates are 1/20/20 – 5/6/20.

May I use my dining center meal plan in other dining facilities on campus?

Your dining center meal plan may be used at all our residential dining centers: Brockway, Graham, Ernie Davis, Sadler and Shaw. If you would like to eat in  Kimmel, Goldstein* or any of the snack bars, you may use SUpercard FOOD or cash.
* Skyhall I, II & III residents will continue to be able to use their meal plan in Goldstein.

Do I have any dining center guest meal passes that can be used on my dining center plan at the Warehouse Café?

If you have dining center guest meals they may be used at the Warehouse Café. The number of guest meals you have depends on the meal plan you are enrolled in. Check the Housing and Meal Plan website to find the number of guest passes you have. The web address is:

Can I use my dining center meal plan for Tapingo?

No, your dining center meal plan swipes cannot be accepted for Tapingo. You can use your SUpercard FOOD account or a credit card for this service.

Important Phone Numbers:

SU Food Services: 315.443.3803
Housing, Meal Plan & ID Card Service Center: 315.443.2721

Facebook: SU Food Services

Instagram: sufoodservices

Email: mealtalk@syr.edu

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 5:30 pm
Friday, 8 am – 2:30 pm