Meals to Go

Do you have a class during lunch or dinner?

Are you unable to make it to a meal because of a study session or practice?

Would you like to have quiet time in your room to study?

Meal to-go is made for these circumstances. Every student with a meal plan is given a reusable, to-go container credit at the beginning of the school year. Use your to-go container whenever you want to take a meal to-go. Return it the next time you go to the dining center for a clean one. All meals to-go are deducted from the meal plan.

• Students on a meal plan are eligible for one free meal-to-go container annually

• The first time you want a container for a meal-to-go, please ask our staff person at the dining center entrance. We will swipe your SUI.D. and give you a meal-to-go container. The swipe will debit your account indicating that you have been given your free container.

• You may use the issued container to take a meal with you from any dining center. The issued container is the ONLY acceptable container allowed for a meal-to-go.

• The next time you come back to any dining center, bring your to-go container. We will exchange it for a one that has been cleaned in our high powered, super-sanitizing washers or we can credit your account indicating that you returned the container and are eligible for another free one at another time.

• If you lose your container, there will be a $3 charge to receive another one

• This program allows you the flexibility to eat on the run in order to meet the demands of your busy schedule