Feel Better Food Pack

Food Services Sick Meal Policy

If you are too ill to go to the dining center for a meal, you may give your ID card and a note to a friend to take to a dining center. They will be able to swipe your card and pick up a take-out meal for you.

Feel Better Food Pack

If you are unwell, you should contact the Barnes Center at The Arch for medical assistance.

Students told to remain in their rooms or apartments because of flu-like symptoms may request a Feel Better Food Pack from Food Services. It consists of one day’s supply of items designed to help you get the nutrition you need while sick.

To request a Feel Better Food Pack, call 315.443.3803. Give your name, residence hall and room number, SUID number, and phone number. You should call each day you feel you will need a meal brought to you.

Food Services will make deliveries to residence hall main desks. Depending on the severity of your illness, you can pick up your meal at the main desk or have a friend or your roommate get it for you. The hours for the residence hall main desks are 8 a.m. – midnight. After meals are delivered, your meal plan will be charged for the meal.

If you need any additional assistance, please speak with any Student Living staff member.