Medical Documentation for Special Diets

Food Services requires medical documentation regarding your diagnosis to be able to accommodate you in our facilities. 

Provide this information early, before you come to campus so we will have a plan in place before your arrival.  Waiting to provide appropriate documentation may lead to delays in accommodations.

Medical documentation should be a letter from your medical provider that is:

  • Current (within the last two years), complete and comprehensive related to your diagnoses. (A diagnosis of celiac disease does not need to be within the last two years)
  • Signed by a professional who is licensed or certified in the area for which the diagnoses is made,
  • Name, title, and license/certification credentials of the medical provider treating you for your special diet,

Please send medical documentation to Ruth Sullivan, MSEd, RDN, CDN at or 201 Ainsley Drive, Syracuse, NY 13244

If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Sullivan at 315.443.9884 or