Guides for Food Allergies and Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease

Do you have Celiac Disease?

SU Food Services will assist you when eating on campus. Our staff is trained to serve students with celiac disease. All of our dining centers have gluten free lines that have been certified by Kitchens with Confidence.

Finding all the Foods You Need in our Dining Center

Step 1: Contact our Registered Dietitian Ruth Sullivan.
Ruth’s phone number is 315.443.9884.
Her email address is

Step 2: Work with Dining Center Managers
Ruth will introduce you to the Dining Center Manager. Take this opportunity to discuss the types of gluten free foods you eat regularly. We will work with our vendors to provide products you prefer whenever possible. If they are unavailable, we will provide a close substitute.

Step 3: Talk to Us
Keep in touch with the staff in the dining center where you eat most often to let them know how you are maintaining your diet and if you would like to see some changes to our gluten free menu.

Step 4: Check the Online Menu
The daily menu is available online. You can find it here:
Daily Menu and Nutrition

Step 5: Venture Out
All SU Food Services Dining Centers have dedicated gluten free lines, plus a variety of other gluten free foods available for you. In addition, all of the SU Food Services facilities can accommodate a gluten free diet. For best options, contact staff at other facilities regarding their gluten free options before going.

Guide to Celiac Disease (pdf)

Food Allergies

Do you have a food allergy?

SU Food Services will assist you when eating on campus. Our staff is trained to serve students with food allergies and special diets. All of our dining centers are equipped to accommodate students who are allergic to the Big 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, wheat and soy) and special diets including gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian.

How to Use the Dining Center Menu

Our daily menu is available on the SU Food Services web site. You can find it here: Daily Menu and Nutrition 

There is a link on the home page that will take you to the menu. If you have a food allergy, this menu will help you plan your meal before you go to the dining center. The menu clearly indicates which foods are vegan, vegetarian and which contain the “Big 8” food allergens.

Menu items in the dining centers also have labels with QR codes. Scan the code to see nutrition information and allergens in the food.


IMPORTANT: If you see an item on the menu without an Otto symbol or any allergen information, assume that it contains an allergen and reach out to Ruth Sullivan at If you see an item with CP next to it, this indicates this item was made in-house at our Bake Shop that uses the Big 8. If you see an item with CP* next to it, this indicates that it was made in our production kitchen or our cook chill facility. Both have been certified as Peanut and Tree Nut free (with the exception of coconut).

Finding all the Foods You Need in our Dining Center

Step 1: Read the Menu:
Always read the menu before going to the dining centers. This will help you feel more confident knowing what is available. If you don’t see an item in the dining center that is listed on the menu, ask for it. While in the dining center, if you see an item that is not on the on-line menu, ask the staff what is in the item. Be sure to ask the full-time staff, those wearing the chef coats.

Step 2: Specialty Areas:
Every dining center has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free areas. All the foods in these areas are produced on separate equipment and are handled completely separate of the other foods in the dining centers to minimize cross-contact. Shaw Dining also serves kosher and halal meals.

Step 3: A Place for Nuts:
The only peanut item we offer is a peanut butter PC (portion control cup). Please check with the management staff to locate where the PCs are kept in your dining center. The only tree nuts we serve are almond milk for cereal and coconut does appear in some of our recipes. Baked goods, pizza shells and other recipes do not contain peanuts or tree nuts, but they are made in our Bake Shop that does use items that contain the Big 8.

Step 4: Special Orders:
If you would like to request a particular food item, talk to your dining center manager or email them. Special orders come at no additional cost to you and is part of your meal plan. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Step 5: Communication is Key:
If you are unsure about a particular product or its ingredients, please ask a staff member. If they are unable to answer your question, they will find someone who can help you. Or email us at:

Step 6: Venturing Out:
You don’t have to limit yourself to eating only in the dining centers. All SU Food Services facilities can accommodate students with food allergies. The staff in these units have also had food allergy training so they will be able to help you choose foods if you have questions.

Step 7: Other Resources:
If you have an allergy to a food item that is not one of the “Big 8”, please contact Ruth Sullivan to discuss.

Food Allergy Guide (pdf)

Link to Dining Center Contacts.