Celiac Disease

If you have celiac disease, you first need to be sure you have medical documentation from your medical provider. 

The documentation must be including date of diagnosis and what tests were performed to diagnose celiac disease.

Send medical documentation to Ruth Sullivan, MSEd, RDN, CDN at:
201 Ainsley Drive, Syracuse, NY 13244 or email at resulliv@syr.edu.
Contact Ruth Sullivan if you have any questions.

Food Services will assist you when eating on campus. Our staff is trained to serve students with celiac disease. All of our dining centers have gluten free lines.

Finding the Food You Need in our Dining Centers

Work with Dining Center Managers
Take this opportunity to discuss the types of gluten free foods you eat regularly. We will work with our vendors to provide products you prefer whenever possible. If they are unavailable, we will provide a close substitute.

Talk to Us
Keep in touch with the staff in the dining center where you eat most often to let them know how you are maintaining your diet and if you would like to see some changes to our gluten free menu.

Check the Online Menu
The daily menu is available online. You can find it here:
Daily Menu and Nutrition

Venture Out
All Food Services Dining Centers have dedicated gluten free lines, plus a variety of other gluten free foods available for you. In addition, all of the Food Services facilities can accommodate a gluten free diet. For best options, contact staff at other facilities regarding their gluten free options before going.

Dining Center Contacts