Why do I need a meal plan?

Do any meals carry over to the next week if I don’t use them all?

What if I have class during a meal period? Do I have to miss a meal?

If I miss a meal, can my friend use it?

Can I give an unused meal to a guest?

Why can’t I use a meal at a cafe?

What is SUpercard FOOD?

Can I add more SUpercard FOOD if I run out?

Where can I use SUpercard FOOD?

Do you recycle?

What do you do to be more sustainable?

Where does the food that SU Food Services serves come from?

Do I have to eat all my meals per week at one specific dining center?

Do each of the dining centers serve different foods?

How can I increase my meal plan?

What kind of meal plan should I have if I am a commuter student?

What day of the week does the meal plan start?