Vending Services

The S.U. Vending Service operates more than 280 beverage, snack and service machines that accept cash or a Supercard Food Card. Machines are located in all Residence Halls, most academic buildings and throughout the SU and ESF campuses. Services are available 24 hours a day in Residence Halls and during regular business hours in all other buildings. SU Vending is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and products. We Guarantee It.

What is SUpercard FOOD?

SUpercard FOOD is a declining balance cash account that can be used for the purchase of food and beverages at all campus vending machines, at food courts, snack bars and for Campus Delivery. A SUpercard FOOD account is accessed through your SUID.

What is SUpercard PLUS?

SUpercard PLUS is a declining balance cash account that can be used at all residence hall copiers, Schine Copy Center, laundry machines, and to purchase event tickets.

How do I add cash value to my SUpercard accounts?

You can add cash value to your SUpercard account through your My Slice account.

NOTE: If you have a meal plan, you already have SUpercard FOOD on your account. For each semester you will have the following amount added to your account:

Deluxe Meal Plan $220
19-Meal Plan $165
14-Meal Plan $165
10-Meal Plan $165
7-Meal Plan $300
5-Meal Plan A $165
5-Meal Plan B $265
5-Meal Plan C $365
5-Meal Plan D $465
5-Meal Plan E $565
Superfood $945

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You can contact the Vending Office at 443-COIN(2646)



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