Feel Better Food Pack

Responding to Flu-Like Symptoms

If you start exhibiting flu-like symptoms, call SU Health Services(315.443.9005). They will direct you how to proceed.

If a medical professional recommends that you stay in your room or apartment because of flu-like symptoms:

  • Tell your RA.
  • Tell your roommate (if you have one).
  • Socially distance yourself: meaning stay in your room, keep your door closed, wear a mask if you leave your room. Masks are available at SU Health Services.
  • Contact your professors if you will miss class.

Food Services Current Sick Meal Policy:
When you are feeling too ill to go to the dining center for a meal you may give your ID card and a note to a friend to take to a dining center. They will pick up a meal for you, based on what you want to eat, and bring it to your room.

Students who are told to remain in their rooms or apartments because of flu-like symptoms, may request a boxed meal “Feel Better Food Pack”.

To request a Feel Better Food Pack call 315.443.1103.

Give your name, residence hall & room, ID number and phone number.

Food Services will make deliveries to
residence hall main desks 3 times per day:
by 9am
by 12:30pm
by 6pm

Depending on the severity of your illness, you can pick up your meal at the main desk or have a friend or your roommate get it for you. The hours for the Residence Hall main desks are 8 a.m. – midnight.

If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to speak with any Residence Life staff member.

You should call each day you feel you will need a meal brought to you.

After meals are delivered your meal plan will be charged for the meal.

If your roommate is ill:

  • Clean your space, including door knobs and appliances, with multipurpose antibacterial cleaner.
  • Wash your hands even more often.

Tips for avoiding illness:

  • Wash hands often with soap.
  • Use antibacterial wipes to frequently clean room surfaces.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, not your hand.
  • Get a seasonal flu shot.