A truck moving compast at OCRRA

Buying Local

SU Food Services recognizes the positive environmental and economic impact of purchasing food from local suppliers and farms, and therefore continues to expand its connections throughout Central New York to buy local whenever possible. Buying locally produced food can also mean fresher products can be made available to the Syracuse University community. Purchasing products locally, whenever possible, either directly from the producer or through local distributors reduces the distance a product has to travel to our campus.

Produce is purchased from New York state growers and vendors whenever
possible, these fruits and vegetables are available at Food Works, South Campus Express, and West Campus Express. The produce is also used in many recipes in our dining centers and served in our salad bars.

Our geographic location makes it difficult to grow many varieties of produce at certain times of the year. We purchase produce from a local distributor, Syracuse Banana, who works with the local producers and suppliers to utilize their harvests.

SU Food Services Local Vendors

(list is subject to change)

Beak & Skiff – apple products
Byrne Dairy – dairy products, ice cream, Byrne Hollow Farm Greek yogurt
Cabot/McCadam – cheese products
Cookie Connection – gluten free bakery
Davis Brothers Meat – fresh wholesale meats
Deli-Boy – lunch meats & cheeses
DiLauros Bakery – baked goods
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – bbq items, sauces
Eva Gourmet – hummus
Father Sam’s – pita breads
Freedom of Espresso – coffee
Frito Lay – chips, snacks
General Mills – cereal
G & L Davis Co – sausage and meat products
Harrison Bakery – kosher baked items
Hofmann – hot dogs & sausages
Johnston Paper – paper products, food service supplies
Madina Halal Meat & Grocery Store – Halal foods
Mimi’s Bakery & Café – baked goods
New York Bakery – baked goods
Pascale’s Wine Bar & Restaurant – specialty baked goods
Pasta’s Daily Bread – specialty bake shop
Paul deLima – local coffee roaster handling fair trade and organic coffees
Perry’s – ice cream
Rich’s – dairy & bakery products
Sal’s Birdland – sauces
Sweet on Chocolate – specialty chocolates & candies
Syracuse Banana – offers local produce whenever it is available



SU Food Services (SUFS) and OCRRA (Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency) have partnered on a composting program that helps divert several tons of food waste away from SUFS garbage dumpsters returning it back to its organic origins.

SUFS collects fruit and vegetable matter discarded during food preparation plus uneaten food left from diners. This waste is collected in red bins in
all major units daily. SUFS drivers pick up the full bins and drop off empty ones. The full bins are then emptied in a dumpster. Bins are cleaned and
stored at the SU Commissary. Each week the dumpster of food waste is taken to the Amboy Compost Site in Camillus, NY where the process of becoming compost begins.

The recipe for compost seems simple: fresh air, yard-waste mulch, and time (30 days). OCRRA has it down to a science. SUFS is proud that we are able to
take part in this exercise that brings our food waste full circle.

Learn more about OCRRA’s composting program here.

Other Sustainability Efforts

Food Services has proven it is easy to be sustainable while providing top rated service to its customers. Many efforts are underway in our award-winning dining
operations. Purchasing products locally, whenever possible, either directly from the producer or through local distributors cuts down on the miles a
product has to travel to our campus. Some of the vendors providing locally grown or produced food items include Beak & Skiff, Paul deLima, Freedom of
Espresso, Hofmann Sausage Co, and Byrne Dairy.

Recycling has long been a part of Food Services’ daily routine. In accordance with OCRRA, the following items are recycled: glass, cans, plastic, office
paper, paper board, and corrugated cardboard. Batteries, ink , and toner cartridges are also collected and sent out for recycling. Used fryer oil is
collected and recycled; some is used to make bio-diesel fuel by SUNY-ESF.

At the beginning of the fall semester, every student on a meal plan is issued a re-usable bottle. This sustainable bottle gives the students the option to
take a beverage out with them at the end of their dining center meal. Since instituting the free reusable bottles, the dining centers have been able to
eliminate pre-packaged beverages. This keeps excess bottles and cans out of our landfills and recycling plants.

waterbottle 2016sm

In addition to the reusable bottles, the dining centers offer eco-friendly take-out containers for students to take their meal out of the dining center.
These containers are a great option; they create less waste and eliminate the polystyrene containers used by many food service operations. Campus cafes,
student centers and food courts use PLA pastic and/or sugar cane base take out containers. Polystyrene cups have been eliminated from the Dunkin’ Donuts
and Freshens franchises on campus as well.

In an effort to cut back on the number of cups used each day, Food Services cafes invite faculty and staff to be a part of their Mug Club. Instead of using a
disposable cup for a beverage, the Mug Club encourages sustainability by giving a 20% discount to anyone using the Mug Club. There are several other
discounts throughout the week as well as monthly specials.